Théa Group

Théa is an independent pharmaceutical company specialized in the research, development and commercialization of eye-care products

Laboratoires Théa was founded in 1994 by Henri CHIBRET, a fourth-generation member of a French ophthalmological dynasty, born in the nineteenth century. Since then, Théa has played an important role in the latest pharmacological advances and in less than 10 years has risen to become the leading independent eye-care group in Europe. In 2008, Jean-Fréderic CHIBRET (a fifth generation member of the dynasty) took over Henri as the President of Laboratoires Théa.

Present in over 65 countries, particularly in Europe, North and Sub Saharan Africa, South America and the Middle East, Théa is now the leader in several therapeutic classes as well as in the field of preservative-free eye drops. It aims to meet the main needs of all ophthalmologists, no matter how they operate or what pathology they are treating and offers a complete range of modern products, covering the main therapeutic classes, from well-known classics to innovative treatments, in the areas of diagnosis, surgery and therapeutics.

www. laboratoires-thea. com